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Online Task List

2012-Aug-18   Formatted text in task detail

It is now possible to enter formatted text in the task detail field:

formatted task details

2011-Apr-18   Column configuration

A column configuration dialog is now available from the main view. Use this dialog to configure column visibility, order, and sorting.

Users can now configure, on the account settings page, a Display Name (for example "John Smith") in addition to Login ID.

The task view menu contains a new Copy option which copies the current task and opens it for editing.
Besides these changes site navigation has been improved. Switching to a layout which utilizes 100% of available horizontal space makes room for the additional columns many users have requested.

2010-May-09   Recurring task improvements

It is now possible to schedule an end date for recurring tasks:
end date
Monthly recurring tasks can now be scheduled to occur on the Nth weekday or weekend day.
Finally, recurring tasks can now be scheduled to occur on multiple specific dates:

2010-Feb-14   Additional project permissions

Two additional project level permissions have been added: Add Tasks and Add Comments. The ability to revoke these permissions makes possible entirely read only project access.

It is now possible, through the team edit dialog, to specify the next task number for each team. This allows the possibility to have unique task numbers across several teams. One could, for example, set the starting task number for one team to “1” and the starting task number for a second team to “5000”.

Finally, it is now possible to search by task number using the quick search text field in the main view. This search field now searches by task description, detail, comments, and number.

2009-Oct-18   Task description filter

It is now possible to filter tasks by description:

quick edit

Begin typing and tasks are instantly filtered:

quick edit

Several improvements have been made to the recurring tasks functionality. The time of day at which recurring tasks are marked due can now be specified. Additional options are provided when scheduling monthly recurring tasks.

2009-Apr-28   New email notification types

It is now possible to receive email (or text) notification when a task assigned to you is modified (or when a comment is added) by another team member. Configure these new options on the Notification tab of the account settings page.

2009-Apr-03   Keyboard shortcuts

It is now possible to use keyboard shortcuts for common actions. Enable this feature on the account settings page:

2009-Mar-23   Resize and reorder columns

It is now possible to resize and reorder task columns. Right click on any column header to display the new column settings menu:

2009-Mar-16   Due date quick edit

It is now possible to edit due dates directly from the main view.


2009-Mar-16   Merge teams

It is now possible to merge two teams into one. Click “Merge Teams” on the team setup page.

Previously the only way to limit access to a group of tasks was to create a new team. Now that teams can be divided into projects and access permissions set per project, users may prefer to merge some (or all) of their teams.

The advantage of using a single team, over multiple, is that all tasks within a team (even tasks belonging to different projects) can be viewed on a single page. Similarly all tasks in a team can be searched with a single search, show up on a single report, have unique task numbers, and so forth.

On the other hand, the advantage of teams is that they continue to allow a single account to work with multiple teams of individuals, including mutually exclusive individuals (people who may not know each other).

The image below is a graphical representation of this. Jim is a consultant, and he works for two companies, "Big Co." and "Little Co." His account, JimW, is a member of the two teams he has created. His clients at Big Co, Client1, is also a member of that team. But since Client1 is not a member of Team Small Co., he sees no reference to that team, its members, or its tasks. Similarly Jim's client at Small Co, Client2, is not aware of Team Big Co.

In the same way Jim could create a team for working with each client, while using only his single OTL account.

2009-Mar-12   New in version 4.4

Categories can now be grouped into projects with varying access for each team member. In the example below a project named OTL has three task categories. Andrew and Bob have full access, but only Andrew is an administrator of the project. Sue can modify tasks in the project, but can not delete them. Finally Tom can view tasks, but cannot modify or delete them.
Time entry is now separate from date entry and a default time value can be configured on the account settings page.
The preview panel for attached images has been improved.
And many additional enhancements were made.

2009-Feb-09   Email tasks, including detail and comments

New features in version 4.2.0:
  • Added capability to email a task (including details and comments) to project members, or to arbitrary email addresses.
  • Added settings Include in Email: Task Details, Task Comments to the notification tab of the account settings page.
  • Added capability to search task comments.
  • Added new column: Modified Date

2008-Dec-13   Custom task status values

Custom task status values can now be created and maintained on the project setup page:

custom status values

2008-Nov-18   Enhanced quick edit

The following task fields can now be edited in place: Assigned, Category, Priority, and Description. Simply click near a field to update its value:
quick edit
quick edit

2008-Oct-01   Recurring Tasks

The capability to create recurring tasks has been added. Click the new “Recurring” menu item to configure recurring tasks. Read more here.

2008-Sep-12   Modification flag column

task list Users of multi-member projects can now display a Modification Flag column. This column will indicate, with an icon, which tasks have been modified by other project members since last viewed. A separate icon is used to flag new tasks.

Sorting by the Modification Flag column brings new or modified tasks to the top. sorted task list

2008-Aug-12   Task comments

Project members may now add comments to each task. task comments

2008-Jun-25   Text message notification

sms text message Users may now elect to receive task notifications via text message instead of, or in addition to, email. Configure this new feature on the account settings page.

2008-Jun-10   New email address

Task notification emails will now come from this email address: Users may need to update their mail filters accordingly. For help, or to provide feedback, write to this new address:

2008-May-17   Better printing

Printed pages are now generated directly from the on screen display. This means users can control which columns are printed. Printed task lists should now be more consistent with each user's preferences.

Also in this version, preferred sort column and sort order (ascending or descending) are saved between logins.

2008-May-13   Introducing task filters

The capability to filter tasks by due date or by assigned user has been added. All users will see the due date filter immediately above the category menu.

Users who belong to a project with multiple members will also see the assigned user filter. These filters can be used individually or together.

The filters turn a distinctive color when they are in use, providing a reminder that the filtered view shows only a subset of all tasks. To turn off filters just click the reset link.

As always any feedback is appreciated.

2008-Apr-28   Users from around the world

70% North America; users connect from nearly every continent in the world. The chart to the right shows an approximate user distribution based on selected time zone.

2008-Apr-16   Migration complete

To handle increasing traffic and to provide more reliable access the site has been moved to a new hosting provider. Access should now be faster than ever, and users can expect 99.9% uptime in the future.

2008-Apr-15   Opera browser support

Problems reported by users of the Opera browser have been fixed. The site should now work well with Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, and other web browsers.

2007-Mar-26   New features

The following features have been added recently. Long time users may not have noticed all of them.

  • Custom color schemes for tasks. The setting can be found in the “Display” section of the account settings page.
  • There is now a priority edit page that allows customization of task priorities--including the display style for tasks of each priority.
  • Category edit page allows custom category order (previously categories were always ordered alphabetically).
  • Search page now has a quick search dialog to quickly search for a given task number.
  • Team members now receive a notification email when a task is assigned to them (enable or disable this via the account settings page).