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Frequently Asked Questions

This Site

Can I use this site to organize my self / business / office / other-organization?
When was this site started?
How secure is this site? How reliable?
Servers are located in an underground data center with redundant power and cooling and 24x7 physical security monitoring. The site has been continuously available for eight years, and will continue to be reliably available in the future.


How do I change my email address or password?
Use the account settings page.
Can I change my username? How does this affect my account?
Your username can be changed at any time. The "assigned" field on all tasks is automatically updated.


What is the difference between a CLOSED task and a DELETED task?
Deleted tasks are permanently erased and cannot be retrieved. Closed tasks can be viewed, searched, or even re-opened.
What is a DEFERRED task?
Deferred tasks disappear until the specified future date, at which time they automatically reappear as opened.
How many tasks can my account have?
There is no limit. In addition closed tasks are never deleted, they can be searched/referenced indefinitely.
What is a hidden category?
Hidden categories, and their member tasks, are not displayed in the main view. Hidden categories can be searched however.
Why hide a category?
When an entire category of tasks is no longer used it can be deleted. However hiding the category may be preferable so that member tasks still show up in search results. Hidden categories can be restored. Deleted categories are erased forever.
What is the backup feature?
Using this feature all tasks can be exported to a file and saved locally. The format of the exported file is comma separated values (CSV) which can be opened in any spreadsheet program, such as excel. This feature can also be used to migrate tasks between and other applications.


What is a team?
A team is a group of users that share a set of projects, categories, and tasks. All members of the team see the same categories and the same tasks in those categories. Tasks can be assigned to any team member.
What is a project?
Projects (and Categories) are used to group tasks into sets to which team members have varying access. For each project team members can be granted no access, read only access, or full access.
How do I add an account to my team?
Click on the "Teams" menu item, select a team, then click the "Add" link in the Team section. Enter the username of the account to add. The indicated account must exist before adding it to a team.
If I join a team, can I keep my own tasks private?
Yes. To accomplish this simply create a project containing your account as the only member. To share only some tasks create an additional project and add to it shared tasks and team members.
How many teams can I create? How many teams can I join?
There is no limit.


Account Setup

Account Settings affect only the current user.


Display Closed Tasks
Closed tasks can be displayed in a distinct color at the bottom of the task list, or not displayed at all.
Display Deferred Tasks
Deferred tasks can be displayed in a distinct color at the bottom of the task list, or not displayed at all.
Default Time
When entering a new due date, automatically populate the time field with this value. The time field determines when, during the selected day, the task is actually due--which in turn affects when due task notifications are sent, and when the task is displayed as overdue in the main view.
Show Columns
Checked columns are visible in the main view.
Task Color Scheme
The color scheme used to display tasks.


The table below describes each task notification type:

Notification Description
Task Due This notification is sent when a task assigned to you is due.
Task Modified This notification is sent when a task assigned to you is modified by another team member.
Assigned to Me This notification is sent when a new or existing task is assigned to you by another team member.
Comment Added This notification is sent when a task assigned to you is commented on by another team member.
Deferred Reopened This notification is sent when a deferred task assigned to you is reopened by the system (because the "defer until" date has passed).

SMS Text Email
The email address used to send text messages to your mobile phone. A list of common formats for this email address can be found in this table:

Provider Format
AT&T <phone number>
Sprint <phone number>
T-Mobile <phone number>
US Cellular <phone number>
Verizon <phone number>
Many Others Web to SMS gateway table

Team Setup

Team Settings affect all team members.
Require HTTPS
If enabled then tasks in this team can only viewed over an encrypted connection (HTTPS). Any team member attempting to view tasks over a non-secure connection will automatically be redirected to a secure connection.

Team and Project Permissions

The tables below show actions allowed by users having each permission type. Currently there is one team level permission type, and five project level permission types.

Team Level Permissions
Permission Allowed Actions
Team Admin
  • Edit team name/description
  • Delete team
  • Modify team membership
  • Modify team member permissions
  • Modify custom team priorities
  • Modify custom team status values
  • Import tasks
Project Level Permissions
Permission Allowed Actions
Project Admin
  • Project
    • Edit project name/description
    • Add/remove members
    • Delete project
  • Category
    • Edit category name/description
    • Delete category
    • Add category
    • Hide category
    • Merge category
    • Publish category
Add Tasks Add new project tasks
Modify Tasks Modify project tasks or task attachments
Delete Tasks Permanently delete project tasks
Add Comments Add comments to project tasks
Edit Comments Edit any comment in the project
Delete Comments Delete any comment in the project

Any user may create a new team or project--the creator gains Team Admin or Project Admin permission within the new team or project.

Public Categories

Tasks in public categories can be viewed by the general public. Login is not required. Edit team settings to select the URL at which public categories will be available.

To embed a public task list within your own web page, use the following HTML:
<iframe src="" width="90%" height="350px"/>

Recurring Tasks

Use the recurring tasks view to create, examine, and edit tasks that occur periodically. Tasks are automatically copied from this view to the main view each time they occur.

There are four frequencies available for recurring tasks: Each task can be scheduled to occur at some multiple of the selected frequency-- every 2 days, every 4 weeks, or every 3 months, for example.

The schedule for Daily and Monthly tasks can be further refined. Daily tasks can be scheduled to occur only on specific weekdays:
Example 1: Create a task that occurs every weekday, excluding weekends.

To accomplish this select: Every 1 Days. Then, for the week days field, un-check Saturday and Sunday:


Monthly tasks can occur on the same day each month, or on the same day every few months:
Example 2: Create a task that occurs on the first day of each quarter.

To accomplish this select: Every 3 Months, Next Occurs Oct-1. Where Oct-1 is the first day of the next (4th) quarter.

Monthly tasks can also be schedule to occur on a specific week of the month and day of the week:
Example 3: Create a task that occurs on the second Monday of every month.

To accomplish this select: Every 1 Months, then select 2nd Monday.



Export Tasks
Use this feature to save tasks locally. The export file format is Comma Separated Values (CSV) which can be opened and edited by spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.
Import Tasks
Use this feature to import tasks from an existing CSV formatted spreadsheet. Imported tasks will be added to the current team.
Remember to save the spreadsheet as CSV before importing.

File Attachments

The Files page displays all files attached to tasks in the current team. Use this page to find, view, or delete any attachment. To add an attachment first edit a task, then click the attach file link.

Your files are secure. Each file attachment is compressed, encrypted, and saved with a nondescript file name. The encryption key for each file is unique, and remains in the database, separate from the file system. The entire file store is backed up daily.
TaskSupportingInfo.doc    Compressed    Encrypted    Saved As    f6b7c48c24487284675a77bd5a888a85



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